You – Too Phat

(Joe Flizzow)
I’m always tellin’ my moms
And pops not to worry too much
They always tellin’ me to slow down
and not to party too much
Sometimes I be like hey
Now why ya’ll folks buggin?
I’m makin a decent livin’
I ain’t slangin’ or thuggin’
At first I didnt understand
Thought I was man enough
Frontin’ like I’m too tough to be sharing love
Used to take em for granted
Including my two little brothers
Treat my home like a hotel and ignoring my mother
But now I realise that I can’t live without em
Take away my money, honeys aiyo even the stardom
But can never take away my love for my blood (whut)
My big brother Farez doin’ sit ups to lose his gut
Iman wanna emcee and spin records
at the same time
While Ash wana be a rockstar, you doin fine
Keep ya head up all the time know
I’m feelin for you
And always keep it real whatever ya’ll do…

You are my sunshine, you are my rainbow
After the rain has gone

I spread love to all my peeps
that help me make it happen
Ain’t talkin’ ’bout the fools
I knew after I started rappin’
I’m talkin”bout the folks from back then
when I was wack
Friends and fam that kept me
Steady laugh when I was steady slackin’
Y’all usta call me a different name
And yo it’s still the same
Ain’t nothing changed
Y’all never took advantage of my fame
I got y’all free tickets to shows
Y’all never asked for it
But still y’all pay and
Stand in backrows and see me mash for it
Mom and dad y’all still cuttin’
those paper interviews
Don’t see you daily but trust me daily
I think of you
I know I promised to be a lawyer in a court suin’
I’m sorry now but thanks
for bein’ proud of what I’m doin’
It’s impossible to spit love in 16 bars
So imma cut this short
Just to let you know who you are
Mom and dad, bro, sis and Tim
Just know I love you
Wish y’all were here so I could just breakdown While I hug u, ONE