Wake of the Storm – Edane

Going down to the city
Makes me feel alright
On the Subway to heaven
Gonna live tonight
I can feel
It coming burning my soul
‘Cause baby I believe in God Rock n’ Roll
You’re the magic in my mind
You’re the grass in my soul
And it keep me going to where I wanna go
Next stop is for action gonna feel the motion
Down around the stairway
To my girl so sweet
Gonna live tonight with my baby
She drives me crazy all night long
Makes me feel so strong in heaven with my baby
Gonna take you away to the stars with you
All night long in my arms
With be flying away to the stars
Will be riding the wake of the storm
You really hit me with your smile
Like the chorus in a good dream
Now I’m a slave for you baby
Like no one’s ever seen
Will you just keep me on coming back for more
And when we get to the top
You Blow me to the floor