Wait – White Lion

Wait, just a moment
Before our love will die
Cause I must know the reason
Why we say goodbye
Wait, just a moment
And tell me why
Cause I can show you loving
that you won’t deny

Wait and show your loving
like it was before
Cause I won’t let that feeling
walk out through the door
Yeah wait, just a moment
and try once more
Cause babe I need to hold you
like I did before

So if you go away
I know that I will follow
Cause there’s a place inside my heart
that tells me
Hold out, hold out, hold out

Wait, wait
I never had a chance to love you
Wait, wait
If only our love could show you
Wait, wait
I never wanna be without you
wait, wait
No, I never had a chance to love you
Now I only wanna say I love you
One more time