Touching My Body – Danity Kane

do you like that
do you like that
i know you like that

Starin at me all night
while im out on the floor
it was clear what you wanted
so you pushed up on it

I was grindin with the DJ
with my hands on the floor
i guess you couldnt take it
you got tired of waiting

so you walked over to me
(breathin in my ear talking bout what could be)
saying you can do this and that
then you start workin me like a champ and im like

OH! you touchin my body
OH! you must want me to get started
boy i cant take its so crazy how you makin me feel

[D. woods]
Now you got me sweatin
dancin out on my clothes
i was headed for the door
but you made it so i had to know
(oh just what you was workin with)

put it out there so id come get it
im the one who cant handle it

the way you workin me out on the floor

[dawns part]


if i put you on
(would you like that)
keep it nice and warm
(do you like that)
do it on the floor
(do you like that)
i wanna give it some more
(i know you like that)

when your touchin me
like that step back
and catch my breath
this way ive never felt
you do it feels so well