Time – Tommy Page

I remember the day you said goodbye
Something was calling you, I could read it in your eyes
You told me that someday we’ll meet again
But deep inside I always knew this was the end

#I remember those words you claimed
As I stood in the pouring rain
When I’m sure my heart would never be the same
You told me time will always heal the pain
Bring the sun and dry the rain
We need time to solve and think our problems thru
You told me time is always on my side
Tu turn the season and change the tide
Things work out with time if you want them to
But why can’t time make me stop loving you

It wasn’t very easy when you left
Every mention of your name would get me so upset
I trapped my problems deep inside,
I acted like I didn’t care with hope this would subside
#I remember those…

I try to get you off my mind, I live my life wasting time
Hoping that someday I can say the same