That's The Way I Wanna Rock And Roll – AC/DC

Party gonna happen at the Union Hall,
Shakin’ to the rhythm till everybody’ fall.
Pickin’ up my woman in my Chevrolet,
Glory hallelujah, gonna rock the night away
I’m gonna roll, roll, roll
I’m gonna roll, roll, roll,
I’m gonna take this town,
turn it around, Im gonna roll, roll roll.
Blue suede boppin’ on her high heel shoe,
Rollin’ romp together like a wreckin’ crew.
Be bop a lula baby whai I say,
Get a dose of rock ‘n’ roll in each and everyday.
(Repeat 2nd verse)
I’m gonna blow up your video,
Shut down my radio.
Told boss man where to go,
turned off my brain control.
That’s the way I like my rock and roll,
That’s the way I like my rock and roll.