Invitation – Blue

Ooh right, finished work on a saturday night,
In a mood and i wanna play,
I say in for my click around my way,
Hit the joint where the play is at,
Shinin’ and strictly cash,
Ladies, tell me if you’re feelin’ me.

Ooh all i wanna do,
Is chill out wid my crew.
And maybe find myself some company
(Find myself some company)

If you’re feelin’ it tonight
And you wanna do me right
You gotta shuffle a little and groove with me,
It’s a Blue invitation, just come with me.


Shortly, if u wanna dance and groove with me
This is you’re invitation
If u wanna dance and groove with me
This is you’re invitation.

In the club and i feel the heat,
Nice girls by the side of me,
I see, which one will be single and free.
So, I step to check the vibe,
I can see it in her eyes (her eyes)
She likes to put on a disguise.
All i wanna do
Is chill out with my crew,
And maybe, find myself some company.


Gotta shuffle, just a little
Ooh baby just groove with me


If you wanna dance and groove with me,
This is your invitation.