Funk Flow – Maliq and Dessentials

Verse 1 :
Pass me da mic n lemme drop it, dis combined school one can stop it, analogue boy all over behind da moogs, kyriz takin it all da way back 2 da roots, the legendary, its more than ordinary, mad essentials in common u could get us married, cant deny it so u gotta face da facts, da 1st soul hiphop indo, listen 2 da skat, (skatting), it flows mad deep its in ur bloodclot, we do wat we do best, neverless, uíll never stop enjoyin cuz we got more than the less..

Let da funk flow inside your soul Let those rhythm take in control moviní, shakiní, music, grooviníÖ moviní, shakiní, music, grooviníÖ

Verse 2 :
Start da 2nd verse, here we go, one more time, no doubt dat dis track will stay on ur mind, wit da bass n drum makiní u feel da beat, plus electro sounds dat just tingle ur feet, donít fight it, u know ur body wants to move, just accept it, u cant stand da groove, so clap ur hands wit da rhythm, close ur eyes, listen to dis n be 1 wit em, but listen carefully, plz pay attention, cuz in some point in dis track weíll have an intermission, its da M to da A to da L-I-Q, wit Kyriz up in here 2 entertain u..

Rap :
Canít stop, donít stop let da beat flow.. We got a brand new sh*t in dí stereo.. Cant stop, donít stop let it flow yoÖ We gonna keep on do it and do it, we gonna keep on doiní it Cant stop, donít stop let dí beat flowÖ We gonna ah..ah..ah.., we gonna ah..ah..ah.. Cant stop, donít stop let it flow yo.. We gonna do it and do it, we gonna keep on doiní itÖ YEAHÖ!!!