For Better Or Worse – Debbie Gibson

You could walk behind me and you could hold my hand
You could know me fully or never understand
You can drive me crazy like only you can
Life’s blessing life’s curse, for better or worse
You could leave me stranded or hold me with your eyes
Come home empty handed or hold a brilliant surprise
You could sing me love song or just make me blue
Life’s blessing life’s curse,
For better or worse I’m with you
Sure there are plenty of fish in the sea,
Flocks of birds on the rise
Baby’s not for me cause I live in paradise
And if harms away found you, you know I’d be there
To wrap my love around you, to let you know I care
And when the angels come down, ask me don’t you dare
You know not what you do, may God takes me first
For better or worse, I love you
May God takes me first, for better or worse I love you