Clap to This – Too Phat

Hey everybody stomp your feet and move your body

Just feel the beat inside you when you clap along


Allow me to complain now

A lotta thangs done changed now

Livin’ the fast lane, I’m tourin’ in planes now

And all the spots at cities that we go, we glow

Snaps and autographs after each show

We blowin’ them heads until they brain seen

We off the hook this year but yo we came clean

My main dream ain’t a dream to make it mainstream

To steady gain cream and make ya dame scream

Aight then, then maybe I should quit writin’

Too many starin’ eyeballs

have got a kid frightened

But why in the world, should I even pay attention

To lil’ suckers who ain’t even worth a mention ?

So Imma keep my head up, Imma stand strong

And stay creative in providing my fans songs

You dance on, while I rap to this

Let’s celebrate the platinum plaque and clap to this, cmon!


Ever since I was a kid I just wanted to sing

Pursued my dreams and kept doing my thang

Is we rap stars now? Yo I don’t know

Am I having a ball now ? You best believe so

Always wanted to be able to kick it at live shows

Rip mics in studios and meet some hot

Oooo oh oh oh oh

Now we got platinum plaque

We got gold award and hits back to back

Never thought that rap could put us on the map

People rush and get our CDs off the rack

This ‘ish be off the hook now

imma telling you done

All a playa like me wanna do is have some fun

And make you bounce to this

and make you clap to this

Wave your hands hard till you snap your wrist

Now what this really is ?

Now what we all about ?

Too Phat Baby make you scream and shout, cmon !

( Malique )

I understand, that fame has a price now

It’s goin’ too high it’s gotta get sliced down

A lotta people say I’m no longer nice now

Ain’t nuttin’ changed though I’m still eatin’ rice , clown

( Joe )

Yeah man, now you know what I feel yo

People front and brown nose just to get near ya

And people think since we got a string of hits

We’ve gone soft I ain’t slowed down one bit

( Malique )

Flip the script in spilt secs

Punk ass it’s hard now

Down wit’ spittin’ ish

that’ll rip me off the charts now

A schizo kid who switch fast like a shinkansen

Bust’ on you punk ass marks for talking nonsense

Rush in your crib fast style is so hardcore

Snatch your ma’s bra then upper cut your pa’s jaw

I sit you down to get familiar with this style

And once I see smiles I gotta bust you’ wit a pisstyle‚Ķ

( Joe )

Alotta cats wanna spit

but can’t even recite poems

They lost star trekkin’ back in time thru twilight zone

Want a piece of me I pull

your hair back like combs

Be hiting your chest plates

and shattering your dome

Your words ain’t wise you trying too hard

to be an intellect

Your side ain’t sick you dang punks are hypochondriacs

Claimin’ underground MCs, you be dumb found Mcs

And flee when you zunk wit my steez